Fundraising Specialists

Whether you are a well-established or small charity looking to grow and improve your donor base, or enter a new market, we are here to help.

Why Work With Us

Best Approval Rates
  • We understand what it takes to make sure your donation gets processed regardless of market, payment type or bank
  • US$ 12 million donations processed every month, across 70 charities in 14 countries without missing a beat
Risk Free Pricing Model
  • No onboarding cost
  • Our fee grows in proportion to your donor base
  • Pay-per-realized – no donation, no fee
Data Driven
  • Data drives most of our decisions, as we manage the single largest database of donors globally via our proprietary CRM, charitABLE
Personalised Service
  • Our charity partners are each assigned an Account Manager, who works with you right from the point of onboarding, to strategy and implementation
Complete Service Provider
  • Our services are designed to provide end-to-end fundraising support to our charity partners, which in turn enables you to focus resources on your cause

Some of the Non-Profits We Work With

Our partners with missions to make the world a better place.