17 May 2021 | Article | Shaz Elanie

Boost Your Donation Page, Boost Your Fundraising

If a person lands on your donation page, chances are there’s already some interest or intention to donate. Set up your donation page properly to complete the ask and seal the donation.

First, make it easy to find!

The link to your donation page should be highly visible and accessible on your webpage, so that visitors have no problem locating it.

Credit: The Lost Food Project

Communicate the impact

The donation page shouldn’t just feel like a payment processing form. Take the opportunity to remind a potential donor on:

  • The scale of the problem
  • How they can be part of the solution
  • The impact that they’ll be making with their donation.

Tip! Make the effect of a gift more tangible with equivalencies and break it down to daily amounts so that it’s more palatable.

Credit: UNHCR Philippines

Reduce the number of clicks and barriers

Ideally, you’d want your potential donor to become a committed donor as soon as possible – so try to reduce the number of steps required for them to get there. Having a visual guide for their donation process is also tremendously helpful to usher the completion of donation.

Credit: UNHCR Malaysia

Plan for an intended outcome

If your aim is to solicit for a Recurring Gift, then pre-select and display the ideal amount that help guide potential donors towards that decision. Of course, the flexibility to change to a frequency and amount that they’re comfortable with should still be afforded.

Credit: Fugee Malaysia

Ensure the page is secured and authenticated

Besides giving potential donors a compelling reason to support your cause, it is also your responsibility to give them a peace of mind on the authentication of your donation page. Make sure that your page has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate, which assures donors that their details are private when input into the site.

Credit: Solve Co UK

Similar to going to the grocery store, the checkout experience is just as important as the shopping experience itself. There are countless ways to improve a donation page, but the rule of thumb is that it should be as authentic and as simple as possible for the visitor.

When done well, a great donation page will help support your overall fundraising efforts in the long run by capturing more donors with accurate data and supporting multi-channel acquisitions.

For more tips on donation page best practices or a quick review on how to improve your donation platforms, reach out to us at consulting@sgsupport.com for a quick chat.

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