19 January 2021 | Bulletin | anonymous

COVID-19 fundraising bulletin measures the pandemic’s continuous impact on fundraising

SG Support begun putting together the COVID-19 Fundraising Bulletin at the start of the pandemic in year 2020, as a way to proactively support our non-profit partners to track the continuous impact of the pandemic on fundraising landscapes across the region we operate in.

This bulletin uses a number of measures to quantify the impacts, with Donor Ratio being the newest performance indicator. Donor Ratio looks at Cancellations as a proportion of Acquisitions for the month. We also report top line numbers, trends and suggested solutions to support our non-profit partners in their decision making.

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About SG Support  
SG Support exists to make fundraising easy for charities. We do that by working with them to acquire new donors, retain existing ones and win back those who have left. We do this through our complete suite of services that range from data-driven strategy and consultancy, all the way down to the operational aspects of payment processing, contact centre and financial reporting.



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