23 March 2020 | Article

How Non-Profits Can Continue Fundraising during a Global Pandemic

With the announcement of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, countries around the world are increasingly adopting sweeping measures to stem the spread of the virus. Cities that were once bustling have turned into ghost towns due to lockdowns and movement control orders, causing disruptions to many sectors of the economy, including the charity sector.

Here are some considerations for non-profits in fundraising during challenging times.

1.Have an Established Regular Give Base

Arguably, having an established regular give base is the most vital element in ensuring the daily operations continue. If you’re a non-profit fighting the front lines, communication to your existing donors to engage their personal networks via digital payment tools is key.

A give base that knows your cause and how their donation continues to support the good fight will allow you to optimise engagement with your donors to spread awareness of your fight in the pandemic. Take these two questions into consideration as well.

  • How can your donors support your cause remotely?
  • How can their friends and family help?

Emergency online donation pages and non-profit crowdfunding platforms such as SimplyGiving.com are especially useful to have ready to utilize during crucial times.

2. Communicate Impactfully but Don’t Overwhelm

Everyone is talking about the pandemic. The uncertainty is at the forefront of every donor and potential donor’s mind.Cease or scale-back all non-pandemic related emails and begin streamlining communications to the impact of the pandemic on your cause instead. For example, elderly care homes could communicate the impact of panic buying of medical supplies to their daily needs, while food banks could communicate the impact of panic buying on the food reserves they rely on to ensure meals for those in need.

Communicate specific impacts of the pandemic to your cause, but don’t overwhelm the donor only with negative information or news. Remember that pandemics are delicate times where donors and potential donors are looking for light as well.

3. Tipping points

The fine balancing of tipping points is also key. Non-profits will need to consider:

  • When is the appropriate time to cease non-pandemic related email awareness?
  • At what point of the pandemic is it appropriate to move to only pandemic-related emails?
  • When is the appropriate time to stop talking about the pandemic and reintroduce other elements of your cause again?

Above all, remember that fundraising is all about relationships and great relationships are built and maintained with clear communication. So, be proactive, clear and transparent towards your supporters.

What are your thoughts on the considerations above? Drop us your comments along with name and email address in the section below.

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