6 December 2017 | Article | anonymous

Rebranding is only skin deep

It has been six months since we launched the ‘new’ SG brand. A bright lime green with a stylized globe that looks considerably more contemporary. It has done well for us, we’re delighted with how it looks and an important validation has been all the positive feedback that we’ve received on our new look.

Thank you, we like it too. But that’s the easy part.

What is still a work in progress is the redevelopment of SG, changing the paradigm of the way we think and function. Challenging industry norms by exploring new and fresh ideas, no longer bound by constraints of sticking to what we know or what’s worked before.

And if we are the charity, then we need to put our expertise and experience towards identifying the ‘one percent’ areas that will make all the difference.

From software development to design, new approaches to call centre and even more streamlined operations. There are many areas that we’re excited to be moving forward because it means we can continue to surprise our partners with new ideas and concepts. Across all departments, we’re busy getting better.

So the process of continuous improvement continues. We’re happy with the progress so far but there’s more to come. We look forward to demonstrating that progress in future updates.

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