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SG Datashare – even more pertinent for fundraising during pandemic times

The current global pandemic has impacted every aspect of society as we know. All around the world, emergency lockdowns have been enforced by governments, and the consequences have been felt across all industries – especially fundraising. In support of our non-profit partners, SG Support’s annual Datashare aimed to examine the impact of COVID-19 on their fundraising efforts and the changes to the overall fundraising landscape.

Historically, Datashare has been an opportunity to meet with like-minded peers in the fundraising industry, focusing on the voluntary exchange of knowledge between charities against the backdrop of a review of our shared fundraising performance. With the onset of COVID-19, it was only natural for us to turn this in-person event into a virtual one.

A fond throwback to in-person Datashare events.
Have to go virtual? No problem. Datashare must go on.

Amongst all the challenges brought on by this year, it has become increasingly important for clear and efficient communication.

To do that, SG Support shared the proposed topics to be covered with our charity partners so that they can pick the one that would be the most relevant in supporting their fundraising efforts.

Some of our partners who attended the virtual Datashare.

The three most in-demand topics were:

1. Critical Numbers: Review of fundraising metrics and the impact of COVID-19

Presented via an exclusive Zoom invite, we examined the impact of COVID-19 on the fundraising performance over the course of the years, and how fundraising metrics have changed with COVID-19.

2. Lifetime Value Analysis: Understanding the estimated contribution of a donor

Using a projection model developed by our Head Data Strategist, Daryl Chan, this was presented as a specific pack, tailor-made for each charity. Reviewing the estimated contribution of a donor to each charity, we looked at this comparative to the market performance, alongside suggested takeaways to support greater donor contributions to the causes they support.


3. Reactivation Analysis: Can previously churned donors become ‘good’ donors?

A review of donors whom have opted to restart their contributions to the charity whilst tracking their reactivated performance, we examined their giving trends to determine if reactivated donors can continue to give successfully to their chosen cause. Using charity specific data, SG Support proposed takeaways for the charity to consider, with the objective of supporting the reactivation of donors.


In providing as much support and data back to our partners, given the virtual Datashare format, SG Support encouraged for participation in our Data Consult week, in reviewing all personalised data and recommended strategies.

Want to know more about Datashare, or interested in understanding more about the general fundraising market? Reach out to us at consulting@sgsupport.com.

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