19 March 2021 | Article | Ryan Teo

Three Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Ways to Fundraise

What are Green Fundraising Practices?

Green Fundraising Practices are the act of incorporating eco-friendly methods and processes to your fundraising, with the aim of promoting environmental sustainability. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgent need to address environmental issues and as we continue to support the great work of our green non-profit partners, we take a look at three green-friendly fundraising practices which can act as quick wins for your charity.

Incorporate a Digital Sign-up Tool

Choosing an effective sign-up tool is important to ensure that your donor data can be captured in the most efficient way. Moving your sign-up processes towards a digital platform might sound daunting and costly at first, however, this is an investment that can benefit not only the environment, but your organisation in the long-term.

Benefits of incorporating a digital sign-up tool:

Based on a study SG Support conducted in 2019, donors signed up via a digital process had an average 6% drop in reject rate (the rate of which a donor has consented to donating, however, is not successful) at the point of their first gift.

SG Support’s SignUp tool allows non-profits to capture and store donor data easily in a secure and encrypted database, guaranteeing that collected donors’ personal information are protected from any intentional or accidental destruction, modification, disclosure, and potential loss of access.

Use Electronic Direct Mail

Communicating to your donors is a crucial aspect in the retention process. It is important to ensure that the impact of your donors’ donations are effectively and efficiently communicated back to them.

Greater use of e-mails can reap the following benefits:

SG Support’s complete suite of donor services include donor communications, ensuring effective and impactful messages are received by your donors. Leveraging off global best practices, our donor communications drive powerful campaigns that translate to real results!

Conduct Digital Events

With the onset of the pandemic, virtual events have become part of the ‘new norm’ and are predicted to rise long-term.

Utilising digital events will allow you to:

As we expand our services, SG Support is lending a greater hand to non-profits through designing and executing virtual events, and how we can use these campaigns to support your regular give programme.

About SG Support

SG Support exists to make fundraising easy for charities. We do that by working with them to acquire new donors, retain existing ones and win back those who have left. We do this through our complete suite of services that range from data-driven strategy and consultancy, all the way down to the operational aspects of payment processing, contact centre and financial reporting.

Interested to know more about SG SignUp, recommendations on best e-mail practices or virtual event services? Do reach out to us at consulting@sgsupport.com for a quick chat.

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